Collection: Destroyer Decks

Board art with battered monster-themed designs or coverings.

The first of the series was Pulp the octopus, with others soon to follow.

I set about sketching some deep sea and other sea life creatures and they took up a look of their own. Large bulbous eyes, scars, glazed expressions, etc. unifies the series of sketches. Somehow the fact that most of these are predators in their realm yet have defeated looks to them added some depth or even a hidden story.

After sketching out at least ten animals all in the shape of deformed capsules shapes to fit the decks, I began sketching them larger on fresh maple decks. The first of the series was Pulp the octopus, with others soon to follow.

This is as deep as the project goes so far. Perhaps the artwork will be used elsewhere to more fully capture the notion of predators being destroyed by a larger predator, or by themselves, perhaps even by skateboarders, anything is certainly plausible in this Cream Expanded Universe.

Destroyed by their foes, these wild pets need time to lick their wounds and change their dispositions.

  • Pulp the octopus
  • Bait the great white shark
  • Dazed the mega sea star
  • Billy the bunny
  • …more are possible
Destroyer Decks
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What is Cream Co?

Hand-painted or decorated, luxury, mystical, or oddball skateboard deck and traditional panel art by Luke Dorny, who is running a little studio shop called Cream Co out of Seattle, Washington.